We are proud to announce the winner of Holition’s first ever UX Sprints competition, Piera de Mascoli!

Her project, entitled ‘Inside the Spyglass’, is based on retelling the story of Alice in Wonderland within a virtual reality environment. Whilst completing her MA in Spatial Design at the University of the Arts London, Piera was inspired by the manipulation of space and the senses within the story. As well as depicting this to the user, Piera’s focus is on re-engaging a wide range of senses whilst being in static VR headset, which predominately relies on vision.

Piera has developed a prototype taking the user on a journey through the story, where she cut out sections of the physical book unrelated to the senses and binaurally recorded and overlay excerpts from the story.
She then explored the use of textures and smells relevant to the story to further engage the user.

Although Piera focuses on Alice in Wonderland in this project, she envisions that this new method of storytelling could be used across all installation environments. We are looking forward to helping Piera develop and build her project further. Watch this space!



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